Coaching and Editing for Writers

(this is a draft copy of services no yet available at this time)

Why should you let Sean help you with your book?

Sean holds a Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and has more than twenty years of experience writing and publishing. He’s also a veteran with more than twenty years of military service where he spent five years as a subject matter expert writing technical and educational materials for the Air Force. So, if you work with Sean, you’re getting someone who deeply knows his craft, both in technical and creative writing, and has a fair, kind, but no-nonsense approach. Sean is a consummate professional with connections in the Philadelphia publishing industry who can help you get your manuscript in front of the people who matter. You can expect your work to be treated with the utmost respect while he gives each project he works on his undivided, detailed attention.

Why hire a writing coach or editor?

Writing a book is a monumental task. There are days for every writer when they visit the local book seller or library and wonder how all those people found the time and will to write all those books. Perhaps you’ve asked this same question.

These days there are so many distractions that it can seem impossible to write a book. Family responsibilities, work schedules, social media, streaming services, and loads more all compete for our attention and will power. Yet, if you’re like most writers, you have a burning urge to tell your story and share it with the world.

This is where a writing coach can help.

Here are the services Sean can provide as a coach:

  • Hold you accountable. He’ll help you set achievable, weekly goals to keep your book project on track
  • Build a platform. He’ll help you develop your writer platform, establish your brand, and get people talking about your projects and ideas.
  • Overcome roadblocks. Failing to plan is the same as planning to fail, but even the best plans meet roadblocks. He’ll help you identify those roadblocks early and develop ways to work through or around them and reach your goals.
  • Writers’ Block. The dreaded writers’ block is something all writers face. He’ll help you find ways to get past it, or even use it to your advantage.
  • Understand your project. It may seem obvious, but many starting writers have a brilliant idea but have a really hard time fleshing it out. Understanding your project means getting to know it in a personal way so that when you deliver it to your audience, it is the truest version of your story possible.
  • Have fun! Even though writing a book is a hard project, you can have fun in the process. Sean will work with you and help you see the joy in the journey.

Coaching seems great, by why would you want an editor, too?

Here are the services Sean can provide as an editor:

  • Basic grammar and spelling. With modern technology it seems like grammar and spelling should be easy for everyone, yet a lot of writers still struggle. Maybe you’re aren’t the most computer savvy person around but still have a great idea. Maybe you have the punctuation and grammar correct but aren’t sure you used the right spelling in the right context. This is an excellent, entry level service to give your work a professional polish.
  • Line editing. If you’ve written your manuscript but something about it just doesn’t seem right, line editing can help. Sean and his team can review your manuscript to help make sure your writer’s voice meets the needs of you audience. We’ll check the dialogue, sentence lengths, clarity of scenes or passages, phrasing and much more to get your manuscript closer to how you want it to sound (and closer to being ready for the public).
  • Copyediting. This addresses the real nuts and bolts of the project. Our team will thoroughly comb over your manuscript to check for internal consistency, as well as grammar and spelling, and line editing. In this process we may address issues as small as making sure characters have the same hair color consistently throughout the book, to making sure the plots and themes laid out truly match your vision.

Are you ready to start your journey?

Don’t wait until tomorrow to do what you can start today!

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