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This is a link to my book Awake , a collection of poetry, short stories, and art work.

Life doesn’t offer a road map. That’s a good thing. Just imagine if we all thought the same, acted the same, and created in the same way. The beauty of any kind of expression is taking an image from one head and putting it in the head of another by invitation. In creating that work, artists struggle with the limitations of our physical realm. Even supreme skill is limited in showing another the ideas and images in our heads. Poetry can be the best way to show those images. Not because they are the most accurate, but because they are the most freeing for the receiving mind. Journeying through these images and poems has been a tremendous experience. I hope that this map I’ve recorded through my experiences will leave a good trail for you to follow through yours. But don’t follow only mine. Look around. Create your own art from the things you see along your way. Through this, perhaps we can realize more of how we need to be. Awake.
Publisher:OHM Projects
Copyright Year:© 2014
Country:United States
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